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Exceltech always strive to provide reliable customer support solutions in selecting the most suitable POS system.

We have the technical team with enhancing client management to provide a better level of service to our client. We are committed to ensuring that our often very busy technical team is resourced appropriately for the ultimate benefit of our clients.

With the Back Office (BO) Multi-Store/Branch HQ System which support cloud Base and integrate to multiple 3rd party ERP, CRM, E-Commerce solutions.

For Food & Beverages Solutions (Offline/Online) : Café, Fusion café , Kiosk, Pub, Cafeteria, Concept Kopitiam, Coffee House, Steamboat Restaurant, Chinese/Malay/Mamak Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant,, KTV Lounge, Pub, Bubble Tea, FoodCourt business etc.

For Merchandise Retailing Solutions we cater for Duty Free Shop, Tour Bus Commission, Beauty Salons, Pet Shops, Electrical Shops, Hardware Stores, Stationery Shops, Laundries, Mini/Hyper Market, Boutiques, Mobile Shops, Fresh Vege & Fruits Stores, Florist, Fashion Chain Stores etc, to provide real time data at any time require.

Services We Offered

On phone call basis

Troubleshooting on software and hardware. When you encounter technical glitches or hardware hiccups, our expert technicians are just a phone call away.

Remote Aid

Remote access log-on support. Technician uses specialized software to establish a secure remote connection to the user's computer or system.

On-site visit

It involve technical support, equipment installation, maintenance, training, inspections, consulting, or any other service that requires physical presence.

Service Provision

Access to an experienced and well-resourced specialist POS support and service. It improved operational efficiency and a more seamless customer experience.

Quick Tele-support

Prompt telephone and remote services offer quick and efficient solutions to clients' issues, or needs, either over the phone or by remotely accessing their systems or devices.

Reliability and Trust

Proven and established track record. This substantiates our claims and provides you with the assurance of a reliable and trusted partner.

On phone call basis - troubleshooting on software and hardware

Remote access log-on support

On-site visit

Access to an experienced and well-resourced specialist POS support and service

Prompt telephone and remote services

Proven and established track record


Project Management

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Our team is readily available to address your needs, answer your questions, and provide any assistance you may require.

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