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Dedicated to the pursuit of the latest innovative solutions for our client. Our team will identify what drives business case and deploy business-oriented applications accordingly.

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Are you tired of the inefficiencies caused by manual methods cash register systems when it comes to managing inventory, and customer data?

Errors and Delays

Manual data entry and paper-based processes increase the likelihood of errors and delays in processing transactions and managing inventory.

Limited Scalability

It is challenging for businesses to adapt to growth or changes in their operations without significant investments in hardware or software upgrades.

Poor Customer Experience

Inefficient processes and outdated technology can result in longer wait times, and inaccuracies in orders, ultimately impacting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Solving Cash Register Challenges, One Transaction at a Time

With a steadfast commitment to simplifying business transactions and enhancing efficiency, Exceltech has been a reliable partner to countless businesses across Malaysia with its ECR – Electronic Cash Register & POS – Point of Sales System Solutions.

Empowering our customers business

Why Choose Us

Established Team

Established team – most 5+ years and many is over 10 ++years. Their extensive experience and knowledge allow them to work more efficiently and effectively.

Service Framework

A proven client service model locally owned and operated. The model often includes streamlined processes and standardized workflows, leading to greater efficiency in delivering services.

Technical Know-how

Wide range of combined technical knowledge & experience. Providing a comprehensive suite of technical solutions through combined expertise enhances client satisfaction.

Quick Issue Handling

Timely response to any issues reducing the time clients have to wait for solutions. Enabling them to maintain productivity and meet their own deadlines.

Cost Effective Services

Cost-effective services often result in a lower total cost of ownership over time, considering not only the initial price but also factors like maintenance and support.

Predictable Pricing

Fixed cost for easier budgeting. Clients can create accurate budgets with confidence, as fixed costs eliminate the uncertainty of variable expenses and unexpected fluctuations.


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